Why Your B2B Company Needs Content Marketing

I wrote this post because b2b companies have a huge need for content marketing, but they probably don’t know it.

In fact, one single b2b article can bring you 25K visits and generate 50 marketing qualified leads in eight weeks.

Content marketing can work for every b2b business. Even if you are in a boring niche or if right now you don’t have any idea of what you should write about to connect with your dream clients.

So whether you are just starting out with your b2b content strategy – keep on reading!

Why you definitely need a b2b content marketing strategy in 2020

Content marketing is something that your b2b company simply can’t overlook in 2020.

Given that 53% of B2B buyers will read 3-5 pieces of content before contacting a company, you need to start playing the game.

And to emerge, you can’t create mediocre content. 

Here’s why.

What is b2b content marketing?

B2B content marketing is a strategic form of marketing focused on the creation of materials of different kinds (like articles, newsletters, case studies) to attract and retain your target audience and ultimately to drive growth to your company. It differs from b2c content in the way the content is created and promoted.

Why you need it

The first logical step to take advantage of content marketing is by creating top of the funnel content to increase brand awareness and educate your audience. 

In fact last year, 50% of all content created by B2B marketers was geared at people in the first stage–also known as “top of the funnel.”

But if you are doing just that, you are missing a big opportunity.

B2b can (and should) be used to bring in leads and ultimately generate sales.

With content, you can achieve several goals, easier if they are related to branding, more difficult if you want to connect content with sales.

You want to think of your content strategy as a mix of different content types that:

  1. Attracts the right kind of readers
  2. Educate them
  3. Convert them

Kinds of b2b content you can create

At least 40% of your competitors will spend more time and money on content marketing in 2020. If you don’t join them, you might be left behind and lose big business.

And if you need more proof that you need to focus more on content in 2020, check this great list of b2b content statistics.

How to never run out of ideas for your b2b content

Ok. Now you know that content is essential for the growth of a b2b company.

But what the heck should you talk about?

This chapter is all about uncovering ideas to connect with your target readers.

You’ll never run out of things to say.

Start with your product and your users

The worst feeling in the world?

When you spend weeks putting together your last piece of content and it doesn’t perform.

That happened to me lots of time, until I learned the hard way.

To make sure that your content performs well, start with your users.

If you can keep only one concept from this page, it’s the following:

Don’t write for yourself. Write for your users and the influencers.

I’ll explain:

  • The users are the people that will buy from you
  • The influencers are the people that will amplify your work and share it with their audiences.

Here’s the secret: write what they want to read and magically your content will perform like it never performed before.

Step 1 – Understand your customer

What are their pain points? What are they struggling with? Discover and write down their biggest challenges.

Step 2 – Check what influencers are talking about

Now search for the most prolific and important influencers of your market. They’ll probably have a blog. Spend 30 minutes analyzing the top five websites and write down the recurring topics.

Step 3 – Check what’s hot in your industry

Finally, research your industry. What are your competitors talking about on their blogs? Is there any news related to your market? Write down, again, the ideas that are shared the most online.

Step 4 – Putting all together

You can now put together all the research you gathered so far. Mix your customers’ challenges with the top-performing topics from influences, your industry and your competitors to come up with great content ideas.

The next steps…

Knowing what to write is just the beginning. Equally important is knowing how to write engaging content, and how to promote it to put it in front of the right people – your dream clients.

My upcoming post will be all about content optimization and promotion, so stay tuned!

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