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B2B content promotion

The client is one of the top technology agencies in the Bay Area.

They struggled to find more decision makers of target companies that would engage with their content.

Discover how we used paid advertising and content marketing to connect the company with more than 1000 prospective customers.

About Matteo & Strategico

Strategico is run by Matteo Gasparello, a digital marketing consultant based in London.

If you are looking for more qualified traffic to your website, Strategico can help.

We specialize in digital marketing strategies that deliver serious performance, insights, and actions that matter to your specific business goals.

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What clients say about my services

“Matteo provides guidance and can execute any marketing strategy he is faced with. From SEO, PPC, content generation to social across all platforms, Matteo was my go-to person for all these activities. I would hire Matteo in a heartbeat for any marketing project. He’s a great asset to anyone. “

Robbie Abed – Marketing Director