Email Multiplier Strategy: How To Get More Leads With Less Traffic

In this post, I want to show you how you can take your organic traffic, and turn it into more email subscribers.

You won’t need more traffic and you definitely won’t need to spend a dime on ads.

You will be able to generate more leads from the traffic you already have, all in autopilot.

Too good to be true?

Not really, a website that gets 60K organic visits per month is potentially able to generate $5k/month from this strategy.

Great, but how does it work?

We will be looking for blog posts that are already getting organic traffic, and we will optimize squeeze more email subscribers out of them!

The strategy in a nutshell:

I’m going to show you how to implement it, step by step.

Step 1 – Check that you are actually getting organic traffic.

From Google Analytics, find out how much organic traffic you are getting.

To reap the benefits of this strategy you should already have:

  • product-market fit and a strong product offering
  • at least 10K organic visits/month to blog posts on your website.

If you don’t have access to Analytics data, you can use Ahrefs to check how much organic traffic your website is getting.

This screenshot is from the website getting 60K organic visits I mentioned above:

Step 2 – Understand which articles are getting the most traffic.

Again, you can use Google Analytics or Ahrefs to understand which pages from your blog are getting the most organic traffic.

If you are using Ahrefs, simply click on “top pages” from the menu on the left side of the page.

In red you can see your top pages:

Step 3 – Create additional useful content for your reader

For every single article, we are going now to create what is called a “content upgrade”.

It’s some kind of digital material (like a pdf, a spreadsheet, a swipe file…) that is useful for the person reading your article.

For example, I added content upgrades to my Definitive Guide to Video Advertising:

If you are into video ads, you will probably need some inspiration or to make sure that you are having the right idea. By downloading my swipe file, you will get successful video ads that you can use to take inspiration for your own project.

This step is very important, and usually the most overlooked.

You should really take some time to create a content upgrade that is directly connected to your article.

This is the only way to get to leads from it.

I see clients that are using the same content upgrade in every page of their website, but that’s a big mistake.

If I’m reading a post about video ads, I don’t want a pdf about SEO. I want to learn more about video ads!

Step 4 – Offer content upgrades in exchange for an email address.

Now the final step.

We want to make sure that our visitors can download the content upgrade only after they convert into leads.

We can do that with plugins that will ask for some kind of information (usually, the name and email address) to download our file.

There are several plugins for this. You might try:

  • ThriveLeads
  • Sumo
  • OptinMonster
  • Hello Bar

You can check them out to compare prices and to see if they are compatible with your website.

You will ask readers to subscribe to get your content upgrade from three different parts of your blog post

  • Intro: add a call to action before the content
  • Middle: add a call to action after the intro
  • Exit: add a call to action when visitors want to leave your website

Step 5 – Congratulate yourself

That’s it. You did it!

You just put together an automated system that allows you to get leads on autopilot.

I recommend you to check your statistics (how many people actually convert) and AB test content upgrades on a regular basis, so that you can improve from baseline.

And in case you like this strategy but you are too busy to implement it yourself, you can book a quick call with me to discuss how I can help you!